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Top 10 Attractions to Consider in Jamaica

Being one of the most visited islands of the Caribbean, Jamaica continues to be a hot pick among many vacationers and globe trotters seeking to enjoy once in a lifetime experiences or rich culturally diverse places that you just can’t get enough of.

Travel is a Caprice in childhood, a Passion in youth, a Necessity in manhood and an Elegy in old age.

Jose Rizal “Los Viajes”

From a plethora of tours and adventurous activities, we were able to narrow our list down to our top ten favorites and top recommended tours, most persons if not all, can enjoy.


10. Dolphin Park

Woman Kissing dolphin

Something many of us don’t do every day is get up close and personal with aquatic wild life. Known for their friendly and playful nature, these sea creatures leave a lasting impression on your mind, as you experience the momentary joy of being in their world. From their child like playfulness to their witty intelligence, every moment spent with these dolphins are totally worth the while.

Having three locations for travelers the visit the Dolphin Park commercially termed the Dolphin cove is a favorite pass time for many curious adventurers.  From swimming with one dolphin to doubling the fun with two, the activities at this marine park, will keep everyone having fun.

Take out a kayak, or go snorkeling with barbless stingrays or even swimming up close with the bull head shark, another human friendly specie. The Dolphin Cove Jamaica is definitely an excursion to consider while vacationing in Jamaica.


9. Horseback Rides


” There is just something mesmerizing about being 10 feet in the air, with the wind brushing my face and the horizon so close I could hold it. ”
– Amytrav


We can agree there is a blissful enchantment from riding a professional horse, who knows how to take their rider on mind blowing escapades. These healthy, well-kept and well trained species are Gods’ gift to earth and Jamaica offers nothing short of brilliance, for horse riding tours. From gentle strolls to feeling the surges of adrenaline as he gallops down the country side, whether you’re an experienced rider or having no experience at all, these horses know how to make your day.

Having numerous options throughout the Island, travelers can be the worlds’ best jockey for a minimum of 2 hours on each excursion. Inhaling the refreshing air of the perfectly sunny day or catching the hues of the Caribbean sunset, a view that stains your memory with her beauty. Be sure to check out Horseback Riding Tours, when visiting Jamaica.


8. The Floyds’ Pelican Bar

People on a Boat

Picture a cabin in the woods, surrounded by tall trees, fresh woody air and a little fire roasting freshly chopped wood…..Sounds relaxing?

Then picture miles of ocean, a small restaurant standing on wood with wooden frames. A fanatic local, that knows how to have fun, a cold beer and some freshly caught sea food lunch…..Sounds even better.


Now that your mind is there, welcome to the Floyd’s Pelican Bar, a seafood restaurant and bar that sits so relaxed 1 mile from the shore. Founded by locals (Floyd), who had a passion for authentic traditional Jamaica, and having a good time with welcomed travelers.

Take a seat and dangle your legs on the board walk, go for a dive in the Caribbean Sea that rushes to meet you with hugs and kisses, or just go for the views the panorama is simply amazing, like many other visitors take a memento and leave a piece of you behind. We had to rate the Floyd’s Pelican Bar among our top ten favorites.


7. The Luminous Lagoon

Woman swimming in Lagoon

Who doesn’t like rare and beautiful, we know we do.

The Luminous Lagoon – A tropical lagoon resting on the bay of Falmouth Jamaica, is one of 12 known bio-luminescent wonders in the world. Awarded as one of the most beautiful owing to the temperate climate and tropical weather, this water glows brilliant blue on a full moon.

Take a short boat ride out the bay, and watch as the bubbles of the motor radiate with glowing blue light. Trail your finger in the water, go for a swim or just capture the moment as these little creatures work their magic and create dazzling lights of blue.


6. The Y’s Falls

waterfallImagine a world where nature is harmonious with tranquillity. A waterfall beautifully encapsulated by lush tropical plants and flower gardens, fresh air that is pure oxygen and  tamed animals grazing in the open lands. Opened since 1992, the Y’s falls has been a favorite among many travelers wanting a unique experience brimming with natural beauty.

With a host of activities to enjoy, this excursion has been proven to satisfy all ages. Try your hand at rope swings, falls climbing or relaxing under the therapeutic vibrations of the natural cascades. Soar along tree tops on zipline traverses, seeing the falls and surrounding landscape from a perfect aerial view. This excursion will not disappoint.


5. Catamaran Tours

Sail the Caribbean seas on the famous Jamaican catamaran tours.


From private boat trips, family day outs to a party cruise, for sure there is a catamaran for everyone. This 2 hour voyage takes place prominently from the tourist regions of the Island, Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho rios. Docking at popular enjoyment spots like the Rick’s Café, the Magaritaville or the Dunns River Falls. Take a snorkel gear or use the ones already provided and explore the aquatic underworld. Entice your eyes on the many beautifully arrayed tropical marine life, the colourful coral reefs or the hidden caves and caverns just waiting to be explored. We just had to rate these catamaran tours on our list of top 10 activities to do.


4. The Mystic Mountain

People in sky explorerMountainous terrain, a picture perfect view of the endless Caribbean sea and the rush of adrenaline pulsating in your veins as you embark on adventurous excursions that takes you 700ft above the rain-forest, The Mystic Mountain.

The Mystic Mountain is a popular choice among visitors to the island owing to its fun packed tours that take you on mind blowing experiences. From the breath-taking panorama of the sky-lift chair, gently gliding above the tree tops giving you a bird’s eye view of the Ocho Rios landscape, to the incomparable rush of the bobsled that takes you on a tour of the mountain side. This excursion truly offers a mystically delightful experience.  Journey from traverse to traverse on well laid ziplines, then complete your day sipping local juices or a cold beer and relaxing by the infinity pool, finally touring the nature park and bird aviary before bidding farewell to a day well spent.


3. The Bob Marley Experience

One Love, One Heart…Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright.

Bob Marley

The popular words of a lyrical pioneer, Robert Nesta Marley famously known as Bob Marley. Born in 1945 in the community of Nine Mile, this musical legend spear headed the break-through of reggae, the heart of Jamaican music. With many world acclaimed hits and successful albums, Bob Marley is a Historical figure still emulated today.

Welcomed visitors are taken on a cultural tour of his former home and community, now a preserved mausoleum. This tour takes you on an experience in the life and home of Bob Marley, journey through the hilly terrains of Nine Mile Ocho Rios, being greeted by friendly guides anxious to share the fascination and excitement about the life of Bob. Explorre his well-kept home and preserved artifacts, learn of his religious orientation as a Rastafarian, reliving his success and childhood home.

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