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Montego Bay Jamaica in 5 Minutes - Globe Trotter Adventure Tours
Montego Bay Resorts

Montego Bay Jamaica in 5 Minutes

There’s simply  no way to tour Montego Bay and not be awestruck by its Scenic Beauty, Epic History, Dazzling Artistic and Culinary Diversity.


There’s a huge diversity of natural scenery in Montego Bay, Jamaica from the rugged terrains with immaculately kept tropical flora and fauna, to the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea tenderly brushing the coast of this tropical paradise; the sensual chills of the refreshing air that engulfs your every turn, to the lasting memory of the local life that enjoys this piece of paradise as their home. If you’re looking for beaches, a circuit of this Caribbean coast reveals one gem after another, or strike out to a lesser known, yet beautiful coastal regions such as the Sandy Bay Beaches and sea shore chill spots. Nature lovers can head to the hills of the Cinnamon Plantation or the Rose Hall Estate and enjoy enchanting strolls while being encapsulated in the awe-inspiring beauty of this Caribbean Escape.


Jamaica is known for its contagious rhythmic vibrations and some of the best nightlife in the world, Montego Bay also sharing a part of this recognition. Globally famous DJs and musical Artists, keep the party going at select entertainment spots throughout the town and exclusive communities, all of which also offer top-class entertainment: the Jazz and Blue Festival, Reggae Sum Fest and Spring Break Parties just to name a few.


Once you’ve ticked off the great activities, panoramic vistas and energetic nightlife, what’s left? A chance to indulge in a culinary adventure to beat all others, that’s what!

Who wouldn’t want to snack on the well prepared meals at the infamous Hard Rock Cafe, or the Authentic Indian Cuisine at the Mystic India, or even the Thai specialties at the Mystic Thai? But did you also know that Montego Bay has some of the best Mediterranean restaurants on the Island; From the Petite Pariz to the Gourmet restaurants  situated on 5 star Hotel Resorts throughout the parish, setting the perfect ambiance just waiting to satisfy the taste bud of curious travelers. Once again Jamaica’s diversity and global reach is its trump card.


Jamaica’s almost unmanageable wealth of attractions is its biggest single draw: from the birthplace of musical legends, diversity of ethnic origins that make us so intricately unique, monumental exhibitions of Grande Estates, vast array of talent in athletics, art and academics. Montego Bay is more than what meets the eye, just waiting to be discovered and explored.

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